13 BEST Games for 256mb Graphic Card (Low end Pc’s)

13 BEST Games for 256mb Graphic Card (Low end Pc’s)

August 6, 2018 0 By Owner

Having an old computer with some old specs really sucks for gamers that’s why Gamingrey is providing you a list of awesome Games for 256mb graphic card you can play even with  in a low end pc with 1gb or 2gb of ram.

According to Gamingrey, here is a list of games for 256mb of Graphic card:

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

games for 256mb graphic card
Games for 256mb pc graphic card

Every level of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is great and the game is setup so that you can use many ways to accomplish your objective, dress up as the milk man to deliver your message, use any weapon of choice and if… if your good enough accomplish the highest rating of silent assassin by not triggering any sounds or alarms.

Max Payne 2

games for 256mb graphic card
Games for 256mb graphic card and 1gb ram

Max Payne 2 is an Amazing game, you should definitely play it. The story is deep, dark and compelling. The character development is strong, and the gameplay is so much fun.

Call of duty 2

games for 256mb graphic card
Play with 256mb graphic card

 Call of duty 2 is a Very immersive game, the sound is loud and realistic. A long game, if compared with its predecessors. I recommend this game for all the fans of first person shooters Games, especially for those of the WW2.

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Medal of honor: Allied assault

games for 256mb graphics card
Playing on 256mb graphic card

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault was an authentic, gritty World War 2 shooter that actually still holds up to this day. Mostly. A lot of the developers who created this game later went on to make the original Call of Duty, and it shows, because this game, like COD Classic, does an excellent job of putting the player firmly in the boots of the soldier during WW2 toughest events.

Mafia 1

games for 256mb graphics card
Top Games for 256MB Graphic Card

Mafia 1 has an original story that will captivate you as you advanced on your criminal “career”, good character stories, very good voice acting, good atmosphere, good game mechanics and car driving (an element which I really enjoyed about the game), good “cinematic”, and good music that combine to offer a movie type experience

Battlefield 2

games for 256mb graphics card
Games for 256mb graphic card

Battlefield 2 is simply the old generation of gaming, which of course dosen’t demand an up to date hardware. I worked it perfectly smooth on my old 2gb Ram and 512mb Vram (9800XT). The maps are great, the vehicles, weapons & realism is wonderful.

GTA Vice City & GTA San Andreas

games for 256mb graphics card
Top 256mb graphics card

GTA: San Andreas was a great free-world open sandbox game. You can try all sorts of weird gags and beat kick-ass missions with your black homies. However if you don’t want to suffer glitches and tweaks that often happen, try “GTA: Vice City“.

Prince of Persia sands of times

games for 256mb graphics card
Gaming on 256mb graphics card

Prince Of Persia has an story that is fun to follow with excellent written characters, the gameplay is very smooth mostly because you can rewind time when you die, which will happen a lot the combat is a little repetitive but it is okay.

Assassin’s creed 1

games for 256mb graphics card
Assassin Creed1 on 256mb VRAM

Assassin’s Creed is visually stunning and one of the most unique games around, even with the two sequels already launched. Also it makes us feel as part of history and I really like the way how they portrait ancient civilization. Best Game if you love history and video games both

Need for speed most wanted

games for 256mb graphics card
NFS MW 256mb graphic card

The best in the NFS series, great story and cast of characters, excellent graphics, and youre going to love the police pursuits.After playing NFS hot pursuit, Carbono, and the Run, Most Wanted beat’em all.

Sims 2

games for 256mb graphics card
Best Game for 256mb graphic card

The first Sims was an overwhelming sucess, but the Sims 2 has hit the mark. This game is the perfect game to a coparasent to real life in other words it is much like reality that is what makes this sims 2 so cool.

Counter Strike 1.6

Best Game for 256mb graphic card

This is the Game where every gamers spent his childhood on, it was the best FPS Game a decade ago because almost any Computer can Run this game with no lag, it’s also very competetive and has some really fun modes to play.