Fortnite Font Download For FREE

September 6, 2020 0 By Owner

Get Your Fortnite Font For Free

Most games like GTA and Call Of Duty use a boring strandard font but fortnite came with a really interesting font which goes by the name “Burbank Big Condensed Black”  scroll down to download the fortnite font.

Here’s an exemple of the Fortnite font in the picture below:


fortnite font

Using this awesome fortnite font you’ll be able to write in uppercase, and lowercase characters which is unique because the majority of the gaming font write only in uppercase.

The Burbank Big Condensed Black is a high quality font that you can use to create thumbnails for your youtube videos ,by the way MrBeast uses this same font for his videos, you can use it to create ads that appeal to fortnite players and also you can use it for logos.

I’ve even seen some designers use this font in coffee shops and drugstores just to attract the young audiance.

In a way this burbank font attracts people that love actions and adventures.

I’m sure you’ll like the fortnite font and i’m confident it will work in any place you use it, also if you’re interested in fortnite settings please go to