Evolution Of MrBeast | 2012 -2019 !

Evolution Of MrBeast | 2012 -2019 !

March 11, 2019 0 By Owner

This video is about the Evolution Of MrBeast, Jimmy’s story is very inspiring and this video summarizes his Youtube Journey from 0 Subscribers to millions and millions of them.

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So Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson started youtube litterally from scratch, comment below if you want me to make avideo about evolution of his setups, in 2012 as Gaming Youtube channel and his first video was about Minecraft. Since he loves youtube and enjoys making original-random content, he dropped out of college after 2 weeks even before he realized that he can make a living out of youtube, he believed that hard work will eventualy pay off.

As planned his channel really took off when he started the Worst Intro series then after that he did the donating to twitch streamers and after that he found that making challenges for money is the best kind of videos that goes viral so he even made a crazier video about Airsoft Battle Royale Between BIG Youtubers Like Faze Rug,JOOGSQUAD ,Valkyrae ,Pokimane ,Lachlan ,LazerBeam ,Preston ,Typical Gamer, unspeakable,Anthony Padilla ,Leon Lush ,TheOdd1sOut ,Nick Eh 30, Keemstar ,Roman Atwood ,WHAT’S INSIDE? ,100T NoahJ456 , WILDCAT, CourageJD, Tanner Fox, Cole LaBrant ect.

The youtube community really loves MrBeast and appreciate his content and his effort specially after Helping PewDiePie Stay Ahead Of T-Series by buying billboards and radio ads and also Advertising Pewds in The Super Bowl.

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